Why Us?


DIFFERENT  APPROACH: Our approach is cautious, measured, diligent and sustainable with our own as well as the society’s requirements. We have been able to provide for ample charity. We are going ahead with proper planning for overseas medical tourism and there too we are targeting the entire spectrum of overseas clients and not just the affluent citizens of the world

Medical Insurance in NagpurDIFFERENT  PHILOSOPHY: We in India do not make financial provision for illness. A very small number (around 2.5%) relies on some medical insurance or the other. So, in times of our malady, we look for low cost yet uncompromising quality of medical management and this is precisely what we offer through our philosophy which can be summed up as “AFFORDABLE QUALITY CARE” We also provide for medical insurance cover to our patients for future through tie-up with Andhra Bank and New India Assurance company, since hospitalised patients and their relatives are more receptive to suggestions linked to their own well being.

DIFFERENT  VISION: Our vision is to provide maximum hospital beds for the benefit of the masses. Our aim is to provide 200 beds in next 3 yrs from the present strength of 60 beds. We under our banner also wish to segregate and dedicate different specialities to different locations for operational ease, logistics and better patient care and management. Decentralization would help blossoming of all centres. We intend to increase the beds under charitable category which is possible when we expand ourselves to absorb the charity.

DIFFERENT  MISSION: CPH is a full-fledged  healthcare center that provides a comprehensive out-patient, inpatient, clinical & diagnostic services including advanced general & cardiac surgeries in  various medical specialities & sub specialities.





  • We believe that no one should be deprived of proper healthcare when they need it the most.
  • We aim to provide excellent quality services at affordable price and thereby building patients’ trust.
  • We believe in gaining patients faith by our transparent practices without compromising our medical ethics.
  • Our prime focus is to far exceed our patients’ expectations and benefit them by giving them nothing but the best.

Advanced specialties

  • Angiography and angioplasty.
  • Neuro and Spine surgery
  • Joint  replacement, Arthroscopy and sports medicine
  • Nephrology and dialysis
  • Bronchoscopy,PFT
  • Radio Immuno Assay Laboratory
  • Uroflowmetry
  • Nuclear scanning
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